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Shotz Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag is an exciting opportunity that combines an unmet need for a year round family entertainment center in the area. This one of a kind facility features indoor Lazer Tag, a 9 hole indoor Miniature Cosmic Golf Course, Lazer Maze, and an 18 hole outdoor Miniature Golf Course coming this spring.

The Lazer Tag arena landscape is filled with hanging vines, lush tropical foliage, and crumbling stone ruins from the secret civilization. Brush back the overgrowth to reveal massive Toltec statues along the passageways and hand-carved stone medallions perched along the perimeter walls. Around the edges of the ruins, more wild growth can be seen from the light of the giant torch tower that sits in the middle of this hidden treasure of the jungle.
Amidst a maze of crumbling stone walls with inscribed writings and painted images, be prepared to unveil the secrets from the past. What happened here? Where is the hidden treasure? Locate the clues, find the answers, and get out before it’s too late!

Load up into your imaginary Jeep and venture into the glow in the dark 3-D Cosmic Golf jungle themed experience. Explore this 9 hole course and encounter lions, turtles and gorillas. Rock formations and Toltec statues adorn the pathways along with vines and lush foliage. This course is perfect for families and children of all ages.

Lazer Frenzy is an exciting new arcade-style lazer maze attraction that is captivating the world with its high-tech interactive game play and its use of lazers, mirrors, haze, special effects, and unique theming. Inside the Lazer Frenzy maze, you will enjoy completing a variety of obstacles while being surrounded by a web of lazer beams. You must navigate carefully just like in the spy movies to achieve the high score and complete your mission!

Experience the peaceful sound of running water from one of the seven waterfalls along the 18 hole outdoor course.  Large rock formations and bridges also adorn the course making it an unforgettable experience for families of all ages!

Please visit for more information or call us at (812) 936-2386!

9 Hole Indoor Cosmic Mini Golf
Indoor Lazer Tag
Indoor Lazer Tag
Indoor Lazer Tag
9 Hole Indoor Cosmic Mini Golf
18 Hole Outdoor Mini Golf
18 Hole Outdoor Mini Golf
18 Hole Outdoor Mini Golf

Shotz is located on State Highway 56 in French Lick Indiana.

8529 W. State Rd. 56
French Lick IN 47432

(812) 936-2386

Shotz Activity Pricing

Lazer Tag: $7.50

Lazer Maze: $3.00

18 Hole Outdoor Mini Golf:
Adults: $8.50
Children ages 3-10: $6.50
Senior Citiziens ages 60 & Up: $6.50
Ages 2 & Under: FREE

9 Hold Indoor Cosmic Mini Golf:
Adults: $6.50
Children ages 3-10: $5.50
Senior Citiziens ages 60 & Up: $5.50
Ages 2 & Under: FREE